Machines > Elliptical Head Shear & Flanging Machine
The MMS RC-300-8 and the RC-300-6 are machines designed for Shearing & Flanging Flat and Dished Heads for tanks and others.

These machines have the capacity to shear & flange elliptical, double D, round & any nonsymmetrical shape.

It consists of two Operating Heads, the Shearing and Flanging Head. Both Heads are operated from the same control unit situated on each head.

ModelRC - 300 - 6RC - 300 - 8
Cut and Flange mild steel plate:
EllipticalMin. 3mm.Max. 6mm.Min. 3mm.Max. 8mm.
Double DMin. 3mm.Max. 6mm.Min. 3mm.Max. 8mm.
RoundMin. 3mm.Max. 6mm.Min. 3mm.Max. 8mm.
Head DiameterMin. 750mm.Max. 3000mm.Min. 900mm.Max. 3000mm.
Power Consumption9 Kw14 Kw
Total Weight Approx.Approx. 2000 kgApprox. 3000 kg
Area Required to install5000 x 3000 mm.5000 x 3500 mm.

Modifications can be made without prior notice